I have been taking private golf lessons and attending short game clinics with Nancy Harvey on a regular basis.  My score has come down and my swing has improved - I now use less “arms” and more torque in my body.  Nancy is not only a great teacher but has such a depth of experience on which to draw- she has walked the walked on the pro circuit which makes her talk the talk with a huge knowledge base.  Nancy has helped me in all aspects of my game from club choice to course etiquette and importantly to getting into the right mindset and avoiding those silly shots!    

Sally Townley

I have been having regular weekly lessons with Nancy for about 1 and half years.  Both private “ one on one” lessons for my swing and group clinic lessons where we concentrate on our short game.  I have nothing but good things to say about the positive, fun experience I have during our group clinics.  Nancy makes it fun to practice our short game with games and little challenges and drills that she varies every week.  (all the girls have a laugh) We have also changed a few things over the last few months with my grip and swing which has helped me enormously to become a more consistent player.  My handicap is coming down and the lessons have taken at least 15 shots over time off my regular game.
Pam Maindonald

As a “senior” just starting to appreciate and learn the game, Nancy is able to explain and demonstrate in a way I can follow. From grip, stance and swing Nancy has guided me through the basics. I now look forward to being able to enjoy my golf and continue to gain knowledge from this very experienced coach.
Noel Ambler

I have known Nancy Harvey for a number of years and am very privileged to be one of her students. I have found her coaching methods innovative and informative and with Nancy's outlook my game has improved along with my love of golf.

Helen Vaubell

Nancy has been my golf coach since coming back into the game about 3 years ago after children and a teaching career. She is able to connect with different people and styles of learning. She has been able to motivate me to continue to improve my skills and make it an enjoyable experience. Her ability to quickly analyse my swing and develop a plan to correct faults has helped me to improve quickly. Nancy loves the game of golf and passes this passion on to the lucky ones who are her students.
Jo Thomas

Over the years I have taken lessons from several golf professionals. While all the tips seemed valuable at the time I found them hard to incorporate for the long term, as the changes were too complex, hard to get your head around or for that matter even remember.  Nancy's way of teaching and in particular the picture that she put's in your mind is simple yet very effective.  For example I had a real problem with putting in regard to reading the green.  Nancy's advise was think about pouring water into the cup-which way would the water run out if it overflowed?  I use this every time I putt now and it has really helped.  Nancy enjoys what she does and is very positive and encouraging.  She is perceptive in regard to whether or not you are taking on the information being presented and if the way she is explaining something doesn't seem to be getting through she finds another way to explain it.  I would highly recommend her to all golfers.
Liz M

 Nancy's enthusiasm and love of the game is an inspiration to both learners and the more experienced players. She has a calm and encouraging approach to coaching which always make you try that little bit harder !
Rhonda Kerwin

 Nancy has been teaching our daughters for almost two years, once or twice a week on a regular basis.  My daughters are 9 and just turning 8 years old. They are so happy to have Nancy's lesson as it is always fun and unique and their skills keep improving through the last two years.  We hope Nancy can keep teaching them and continue to encourage them!!
Yoko & Michie

 I have been attending Nancy's coaching clinics for two years now.  She is very professional with excellent people skills. Nancy has helped me tremendously and given me a lot of enjoyment with this great sport. Nancy is a truly fantastic golf coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Robyn Patsos

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Here are my 'Master Class' students!  They are such a pleasure to work with and each one is special in their own way!

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Don’t be too proud to take a lesson. I’m not."  Jack Nicklaus